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Case Studies
Florida Public Pension Trustees Association
The FPPTA is operated by a Board of Directors elected by the general membership. The Board of Directors is comprised of Pension Board Trustees and Administrators. The organization employs a CEO and staff to set up the two schools and one conference a year, plus conduct the day to day business of the organization. The schools are designed to provide an educational environment focusing on specific issues and subjects pertaining to trustees and pension boards. The conference serves as the annual meeting for the general membership. It also deals with global and national issues where pension trustees can interact in panel discussions. At both schools and conferences there are distinguished speakers who are well qualified on the subjects they teach and deal with current issues.

3E Tech Corp helped this organization to create a cutting edge online management database application after it has "lost its confidence in the IT industry with the two prior software companies." The Florida Public Pension Boards and their members are now able to use this internet application to fully automate and collaborate their business online.
YuYanCity, 语言城
Yuyan(语言) means language in Chinese. This is our flagship project that is geared towards creating a croos cultural education and learning social website. It is still being improved on every day for people from allaround the world to publish and learn from each other.

Orchard Pharmaceutical Services
Orchard is a pharmaceutical company based out of Ohio. It has been struggling with their large client databse that is updated constantly but no good data reporting and analysis tools. We create a customized intranet data reporting applciation that help them to double their revenue in less than 6 months.