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Proactive Adaptive Study System (P.A.S.S.)

PASS (Proactive Adaptive Study System) is an algorhythmic approach to learning languages that was developed by 3E Tech in 2008.

What P.A.S.S. Can Do

• Deals with multiple aspects of language learning process, especially for foreign speakers.

• More accurately gauge a student’s level and engages the student accordingly.

• Tracks the student’s proficiency level in those aspects in a quantified manner.

• Refine the course difficulty level measurement.

• Provide a digital assistant online with a custom tailored, goal oriented study plan.


Why P.A.S.S.?

• No two students are the same.

•Traditional teaching methodology incurs little or no effort in customizing the course for each individual student.

• Current methods do not contain enough emphasis in motivating the student

• Newer generation of computer based teaching systems (edutainment systems) are overly interactive that it becomes distractive

• Teaching method needs to provide right level of Engagement to be effective.

• It should be easily accessible by mass population inexpensively.