3E Tech Corp - Everybody Educates Everybody
Mission Statement
3E Tech Corp strives to utilize cutting edge technologies to empower non-native speakers to realize their fullest potential in a global economy through language and other cultural learning experiences.
Our goal is to make 3E Tech Corp the global brand name for language education. Our proprietary PASS (Proactive Adaptive Study System) technology helps users focus and accelerate language fluency in three core areas: listening comprehension, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.
3E Tech products are based upon Web 2.0 technologies, which means we will not create content, but instead provide a cutting edge platform from which others can deliver their content to established global markets.
Unlike other Web 2.0 providers whose revenues are ad-based, 3E Tech will charge users for access and split revenues with the content providers. In addition, users will not be browsing through a massive maze of random data. Instead, 3E will server as a mentor, helping users meet their own unique learning needs through the use of our PASS technology.