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for your pension board management needs
Features and Advantages
The Golden Egg Management System offers many sophiscated features for your pension board management needs. Just to list a few of the more important features:
  1. Pension Plan Information
    This module allows any public user to see the basic plan information published by the plan administrator. Quick Facts such as plan name, address, number of participants, asset balance are readily available at your finger tip. Administrators can also publish list of its board of trustees, service providers, and plan’s financial growth history using GEMS.
  2. On Demand Actuarial Retirement Calculations
    The built-in module of Defined Benefits Plan Retirement Actuarial Calculation quickly and accurately calculates your monthly retirement payments under different retirement options instantly online. More importantly, you can do this with only a few simple inputs and without knowledge of those complex actuarial formulas. The system has been programmed with over 130 mortality tables such as GAM 1983 and RP2000.
  3. Member/Beneficiary Profiles
    This module allows the plan administrator to add new participant, search existing members, edit member contact information, plan related information. The plan administrator can also maintain the beneficiary profile using this module.
  4. Customer Service Notes/Tasks
    An easy to use Customer Relationship Management module is built-in in to the GEMS. It allows the plan administrators to log service notes/actions at each individual member level and set follow up flag for each tasks.
  5. Social Security Death Check
    Linked directly with the Social Security Office’s data, the GEMS can automatically check its weekly update of Deaths reported and notify the plan administrator immediately. Saving the plan considerable amount of time and money.
  6. Paperless Document Management
    This module allows plan administrators to upload and publish important plan documents for plan participants to download later. It also allows them to upload a particular document such as signed change of beneficiary form into the participant’s account. Allowing paperless and faster retrieval later.
  7. Meeting Minutes/Agenda
    This module enables the administrators to quickly publish board meeting agendas and minutes in different formats.
  8. DROP Implementation
    Deferred Retirement Option Plan management module is an optional add-on to the GEMS. It enables a plan to track each participant’s DROP transaction and balance history. Members can get their statements from the GEMS directly using their secure login.
  9. Shared Plan Implementation
    This module handles chapter 175 and 185 governed Shared Plans’ calculation and tracking at both the plan level and each individual level. Annual rollover and statements are easy to perform with a click of a button.
  10. Member Account Transaction History
    For both DROP and Shared Plans, plan administrator can login and record plan level and member level transactions such as forfeit, withdraw… etc. These records are kept in the history table and used for the year end calculation. This also allows the administrator to pull intermittent financial statements for any individual member.
  11. Auditing Trail
    All edits and updates are automatically audited in the GEMS. Administrators can look (but not edit) at who changed what information for any member.
  12. Plan Fund Performance History
    Plan administrators can easily input the monthly, or yearly fund performances data. This then gets reported as several types of charts that visually shows the fund growth trend and asset allocation history.