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Golden Egg Management System

There are many aspects of a pension board that need to be kept unified. It involves time and patience along with a broad knowledge of the day to day operations.

With GEM you can keep everyone in the organization informed and organized. The members who depend on this information to plan their future will feel more relaxed and secure knowing that their retirement is in good hands.

Golden Egg Management System (G.E.M.S.) is a web-based system that allows all stake holders in a Defined Benefits Pension Plan such as its Board of Trustees, Administrators, Service Providers, and Participants to collaboratively conduct their activities securely and efficiently at one common location. With easy to use customer service management, built in on-demand actuarial calculation and complete audit trail, it can make your Pension Plan management related operation more organized, easier to perform, better tracked, and save you time and money at the same time.